Very Good Idea Tournament

I had a terrible very very good idea on Discord recently for a tournament: Team Battle, and you pick three characters when you sign up. However, instead of picking the characters you’ll play, you pick the characters all of your opponents will play.

Do you pick Argagarg in the hopes that nobody else can play him well enough to beat you? Do you pick Setsuki, gambling that your opponent hasn’t put in the practice to do her pressure? Do you pick Geiger, because you want to be eliminated quickly so you can get an early dinner?

I’m tentatively thinking of doing this as a live tournament on Sunday afternoon/evening NA time (like, 6:00 EST), but depending on interest, it could also just be done as a league-style ongoing bracket that lasts a few weeks. Anyone interested?


Please feel free to reply and let me know if you’d prefer a live tournament or a league-style tournament!

Interesting idea, I will try to make it.

Let me know, too, if you’d prefer live or league! It occurs to me that doing it league-style would be much easier to actually arrange for the players.

Okay, yeah, I’m thinking of just doing this as a gradual league thing, especially since I wouldn’t be streaming or anything

Update: yeah, doing this as a league sort of thing. I’ll probably set the deadline for signups as being sometime this weekend or maybe a little after? This is surely an awful decision and everyone who has signed up so far should be ashamed of themselves

Hello everybody and welcome to “Whose Team is it Anyway?” The hilarious tournament where everyone has Arg and the points don’t matter!

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yessss everyone give me arg and increase my power levels

VERY GOOD PRIZE UPDATE: Due to a generous offer by TheZipBon, if the bracket makes it to 16 people, anyone who doesn’t go 0–2 will be entered into a raffle for a Steam key for Goat Simulator! So I guess entries are staying open a little longer