Very Strange Tournament Bracket

Very Strange Tournament Bracket

I played atm in a grand finals (I was gold E, atm was silver D). The bracket showed atm getting a double bye to me in grand finals. After I won, I was stuck on the tournament bracket screen on the PS4. After waiting about almost a minute, I went ahead and rebooted Fantasy Strike. I went back into ranked queue and noticed it awarded me the stars correctly. I was then matched up with Heikai, but the tournament bracket was extremely strange. Reference the (very hastily taken) picture taken below.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Win in a grand finals.
  2. Get stuck in tournament bracket result screen.
  3. Reboot Fantasy Strike.
  4. Queue up for Ranked.
  5. Get into a ranked match.

Expected Results:
I should be advanced from “byes” instead of atm “winning” but it’s actually me. Heikai should also be advanced from byes instead of SergeEXE “winning”.

Actual Results:
The weird result below.



Game Version:

System Information: