Vulgar names still viable for the game

Vulgar names still viable for the game:

Today i met online someone who did nothing the whole time, the bad part was that his nickname was: “sucked six dicks in a row”

Steps to reproduce:

  1. start the game
  2. meet a troll

Expected Results:
have fun
Actual Results:
no fun


Game Version:

System Information:


Priorities man!

Let them finish the game, THEN worry about these guys.

Also how is that a bug?


i read in an old post that with steam such things should not happen.
Users already complained about stuff liek this during the free w.ends

From what I understand, Valve basically does nothing about usernames

I have played against this player. He actually sent me a friend invite and I accepted it. We played multiple friend matches. I didn’t think he was a troll even though I didn’t like his username either.

Yea played with him too, actually a decent player

Hmm. I said that I didn’t like his username but on the other hand it’s probably a reference to an old “Sick Animation” short made by Marc M. And I’m a bit of a fan of Sick Animation actually. That kind of username just doesn’t give a good first impression.

against me he just stood there doing nothing 4 turns out of 5

@Heikai tell the guy to come in here. Let’s create some drama!

plz no. 10 chars

Nothing wrong with sucking dicks imo. Six is a pretty strong streak though, he is bragging a bit


this could happen if you were waiting for a game then got distracted, like the phone ringed or you suddenly have to relieve your bladder.

its just words, when did the internet get so sensitive? I want the early 00s back

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This is the user’s STEAM name, right? If yes, then it’s a problem for Valve and you should report the name to them.


i’d rather consider this a feature than a problem :smiley:

Ain’t got nothing on this guy (unless they are the same person)


Better the occasional annoying username than having legitimate names blocked by an overzealous filter that people would just work around to get their point across anyway.

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