We might need to talk about Jaina

It may just be me, but she seems to be in need of a Nerf. Her fire arrows make trying to get in like playing a bullet hell game. While it may just be that my main, Rook, has a really bad MU vs her, it seems as if it is a legit problem. Of course, i dont expect this to change soon. The game just hit steam early access and the devs have better things to do. But in the future, it might be worth looking into.

Well first of all yes, Rook is super weak vs Jaina. And the bullet hell thing is intentional. The trick is to get through the fire arrows and abuse her bad close range options. Try baiting out the DP. If she misses it not only is it crazy easy to punish but it takes a health point away from her.

Thanks for the advice! ^-^

also look at tier list discussion for more stuff on her placement in the game

There’s no need to treat the MU as a bullet hell, just spam that jump B!

Only time it right, because if you don’t and a air C hits you, it will probably combo with a ground B for 2 damage.

you can’t spam jump B, it’s easily punishable by the fA knee

It’s easily punishable by her C as well. I meant to get in, not up close. I thought it was obvious.

jB is useful for dodging her jS but like if you get too obvious with it the knee is surprisingly good at catching it further than you’d think

Against her jS I actually think that jC and block are the best option, you don’t want to risk an unblockable arrow with weird timing coming your way, but to each his own.

And regarding her fA, true, but if she’s shooting arrows she won’t be able to use it to punish. Besides it’s quite an hard to punish at range considering how large the hitbox and Rook’s jB is, at least for me.

I think you can jB after a successful jC.

After Jaina’s jS you mean? Yeah, probably, with some timing I guess. I’m honestly not sure.

I’ve only tried it in training mode after someone suggested it on discord for beating timed charged arrow that in turn beats just jB against Jaina jS

You’re going to want to use a combination of jB, jC into B, B, bA, empty jumps, blocking, and jA to help get you in. If Jaina ever misses a C, you get 3 or 4 damage, depending on whether you have Super.

Make sure you practice your safejump timing using splash after a normal throw knockdown. It’s very helpful to bait DPs and Supers.

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