We need more online players

Maybe it’s my time zone or something else, but I often wait very long, often without success, for an opponent in the match making queue.

Since yesterday, someone joins from USA from time to time, but doesn’t do anything at all (well, yomi counter me, ok).

Please, more players have to go online! :wink:

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Maybe I should rephrase that to make it sound less being an imperative :-).

How about some comments on regular times you are usually online (please with specific time zone declaration), so maybe all can benefit from seeing more people online. I somehow see the easy special moves being an easy entry to a very interesting game, but without much of a fighting game history, I assume I can only get something out of it, fighting a lot. So I would be very interested in many and as many different matchups as possible.

I should start, right?- usually online between 8pm-12pm (CEST).

There’s a discord.


Kind of new to that; thanks, I will use it.

This is closed then due to being the wrong place.

The Fantasy Strike discord seems always empty though.