Weird effect on certain moves on clock tower using WW build

Some moves on clock tower specifically seem to have a mirroring warp effect. Degrey ground b > B, and setsuki Ground B while invisible

Steps to reproduce:

  1. pick degrey or setsuki
  2. pick clock tower
    3)do the moves

Expected Results:
The move is normal

Actual Results:
The move is not normal


Game Version:

System Information:
windows 7

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I notice this in the current steam build as well for DeGrey’s pilebunker. Since I usually play in the clock tower for FPS purposes (my laptop can barely run it acceptably fast on the lowest settings), I thought it was normal for his pilebunker to have a mirror effect. I guess it wasn’t supposed to be normal though!


A punch so powerful that breaks space time continuum. Pls nerf.



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Okay, I guess I underestimated just how weird the visuals were on clock tower for the Wild West build. The new build that just went on Steam (v 0.11310) has more of an extreme mirror effect than what I was seeing previously. It’s exactly what was posted earlier. This is DeGrey’s bA.

I have the same issue on Windows 10 with an R9 290. It only occurs when graphics quality is set to anything below high.

So I did some testing and I think this is caused by the ripple effects of specifically DeGrey back A, DeGrey’s Pilebunker and Setsuki Ninjaport Dash.
I checked the ripple effects on Midori’s moves (Flurry Punch and Wing Clap) but they don’t seem to affect it.
Dunno if that helps at all.

This should be fixed in the current build, thanks for the report. :slight_smile:

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