Weird limbo crash after tab-out

Strange Limbo crash after a tab-out

I have a laptop that seems to struggle when I alt+tab out of fullscreen games, usually perma-freezing them. This has mostly become expected for me from most fullscreen games I play. However, if I tab-out while Fantasy Strike is paused on an AI battle, the game seems to enter a weird limbo state where:

  • The game is invulnerable to all methods of closing the game, including task manager.
  • The game is locked to the background.
  • The game is permanently frozen.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Enter AI match with weak pc
  2. Pause the game
  3. Alt + Tab

Expected Results:
Regular freeze or no freeze at all
Actual Results:
The strange limbo state I described
If you try to close the game via task manager, the game’s icon on the task bar will disappear, however the task manager (as well as Steam) can still detect that the game is on, thus preventing you from playing the game until you unplug your PC. And I’m saying unplug because this glitch also prevents you from shutting down the computer normally because your computer likely will refuse to close if an app is running.

Game Version:
I cannot find the game version anywhere (yes I checked at the top of the screen in training mode), so I hope that the July 7th 2021 Update version is specific enough.
System Information:
HP Pavilion 15
Intel Core i5-4210U CPU
8 Gigs of ram
64 bit Windows 8 OS
Nvidia Geforce 840M graphics card