What are safejumps and how to do them with grave?


i am new to the fighting game genre, fantasy strike is my first game.
in discord i have been told by people playing me that i seem to have the right instincts, but they say i am way to offensive and taking too many risks, i have to work on my fundamentals, then safejumps came up.
however i ddint quite get the concept and no one could tell me exactrly how to do them with grave, so an explanation would be really helpful :slight_smile:


I’m not sure, but I belive safe jumps are jumps spaced so well that anti airs can’t beat them.

I might be wrong though.

A safejump is an aerial attack that even when someone tries to use a reversal (like Grave’s super, or Jaina’s uppercut) you can still have enough time to block even after landing (or you avoid the attack because their attack went the wrong direction). This is used typically when someone is getting up from the ground. Here is an example:

You knock down Jaina. Then, you time your jump so that you can do Grave’s air A attack and hit her just as she gets up. However, if you time the jump too late, you will hit her while you are still pretty high in the air. Which allows Jaina to use her uppercut as a reaction and hit you out of the air instead. If you do it too early, you won’t even be able to hit her because you would have landed before she got up. You want to time it so that you hit her and land before her fastest attack can come out. That way she is forced to block the attack. She cannot use any type of reversal.


so i have to jump properly and then time the actual kick animation as late as possible so i am as close to the ground as possible before hitting her?

so its basically if i fear a reversal im gonna do a safe jump on enemy wakeup and if i feel fancy and do not fear a reversal i do a crossup or throw.

and the advantage of doing a safejump compared to do just a projectile on enemy wakeup is that my kick would hit her leadin to a 3 damage combo IF jaina does a reversal?


Nailed it. It’s a way to minimize risk and maximize reward.

The easiest way to set up a safe jump with Grave is to use back throw then immediately jump at the opponent, and press A just before you land. Against Geiger in training mode is a good way to test it.

It’s a specific timing that means two things:
If the opponent DOES reversal, you will land in time to block it.
If the opponent DOES NOT reversal, they will either be hit or must block.
So it’s a lose/lose for your opponent.


hmm, and what is the difference of backthrow compared to just throw?

Most likely the frame advantage/timing.
What I mean by that is, after a back throw, it might be very easy to time your safe jump by just jumping immediately, as opposed to having to delay your jump slightly from a forward throw (probably? I don’t know the real timings).

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Forward throw lets you act marginally sooner. After a forward throw, if you jump immediately, you’ll touch the ground just before your jumping A is able to hit the opponent.

This is the kind of option select stuff I dislike about fighting games, but it’s there so I might as well use it.

This is the same situation as any other situation that you would normally have in a regular course of a match. You want to minimize risk vs. reward in general. It’s not an option select. It’s a strategy/tactic choice made by the player. For example, if you cornered an opponent then they would have limited options to respond. Sometimes, their options are limited to just acting defensively (ie blocking) for the time being. If they chose anything else, they can be punished. If we were to get rid of all of these situations, it would become a paper/rock/scissors game. There would be no thought for the situation that is created. I prefer having to consider a dynamic situation that tests my valuation skills.

I look at a safejump situation as the same as most other situations. It’s like I have a choice between using an attack that would leave me open to a possible reversal, or I can use an attack that would not leave me open to a reversal. Whether the person is on the ground or not does not matter. It’s a choice of having a forced block string or you block them and then they get punished automatically for choosing the wrong thing to do.

By the way, when you say option select, what immediately comes to mind is the technical term used in the fighting game community. Option select is an input that you make as a player. Then the game, not the player, chooses what action your character would take depending on the situation. The simplest situation of the option select is when an attack button was used to throw your opponent depending on if you were close enough or not.

Sorry for the double-post, but I thought of a much better example that is equivalent to the safe jump. In fact, I believe it to be entirely equivalent.

Every character that has a projectile can throw out their projectile so that when the character gets up from the ground, they are either forced to block it or reversal through it. This arises in a “lose/lose” situation for the character getting up. They are forced to block in this case. This is the exact same thing as when a character does a safe jump. If we were to get rid of all situations that could arise in a safe jump, then we would need to get rid of projectiles able to hit characters that are getting up from the ground.


thanks youm all for your answers and clarifying this :slight_smile:

does valerie have a safejump aswell?


I haven’t really tested safejumps with Valerie, but she does have other setups on the opponent’s wakeup she can use:


ah thats pretty cool

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I do in fact have one for Valerie now. It’s a little tricky at first but perfectly doable. Works midscreen but easier in the corner.

After throwing the opponent, simply neutral jump, and use the first A while going up, and the 2nd A just before you land, catching the opponent with the tip of the brush.