What are the most important skills?

This is a general question about the game.
What’s the first thing a beginner should get good at?
What does it take to get a few games off of the best players?

I know there’s not a “get rich quick” scheme to get good, but that’s basically what I’m asking.

Well like with any game in general the first thing you should do is to learn what your character can do. This is a bit more difficult in fighting games since you’re expected to switch between multiple characters, but nonetheless you should take some time to check out your character’s moves and learn what they can do for combos, anti airs, air to airs and whatnot. After that comes the tricky part, which is movement. If you want to git gud at a fighting game you need to put your metaphorical experience points into your movement. Zoning, footsies and the like are all absolutely necessary for high level play. And of course I can’t forget the addition of mind games. Fighting games are like martial arts, every move has a counter, and with things like baiting, conditioning and even just simple mixups can be used to make your opponent do the moves and movement you wan them to, so you can counter those moves easily and efficiently.

In Fantasy Strike I’d say reactions and patience are 2 most valuable skills.

Reactions because you’ll need to use reversal, parries and hit confirms pretty often.

Patience because projectiles are very strong and if you don’t learn how to deal with them properly, you are going to have a bad time. Patience also helps in the neutral game, which FS has a lot of.

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I honestly think developing good game sense is 90% of what this game is.
If you have a good idea of what you’re opponent is trying to do, you can play that against them