What if Valerie's blank void stage WEREN'T a bug?

Hear me out, you guys.

What if, instead of treating it as a bug, we treat Valerie’s blank gray void as a starting point for her stage? I suspect that a lot of folks, upon seeing it for the first time, thought of one of two things:

• “Hi! I’m a Mac.” “And I’m a PC.”
Duck Amuck

In my case, the latter came to mind first, and it seems… kind of perfect, in its way? What if Valerie’s stage actually got drawn and colored in as you played because, you know, artist? I mean, this is almost certainly going to be a bit too ambitious for an indie game with a fairly limited production budget, but it just feels like it would be just such a cool idea if pulled off properly.


While that’s pretty cool, I think it’s maybe a little too meta amd distracting for a narrative universe and w fighting game, respectively.

I think Duck Amuck is good inspiration for her yomi counter, though. :slight_smile:

Yeah, depending on how it were handled, it could easily wind up as distracting as Final Destination

I’d say it would get painted in by the moves performed. A brushstrokes for a whiff, a splotch for a hit, a trail of some sort left behind projectiles…the effects would only follow the action, so if that’s where all the attention is going anyways, it shouldn’t be too distracting. Even better, some characters or players may benefit from “laying down” some art in places, as a visual guide for spacing.
You know what? Now I really want this. Can we please have it, can we can we can we?


That actually sounds amazing. Like, randomly colored ink splatters showing up behind hits, sort of similar to that one built-in example template in Motion. Projectiles leaving brush streaks…

Maybe any time the camera moves, it could “wipe it clean” or something, since otherwise camera movements could get weird and messy if it had to work in three dimensions? I dunno, though.

sounds cool and very complicated!!! blank void stage is kind of cool though. maybe if it were a bit more spacey you could fight a space demon there.

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