What to do as grave once ppl are getting close?


i an new to fighting games, fantasy strike is my first one and i have 17hours on record so far.
atm i struggle with what to do when enemies are getting close to me when i play grave.
way too often i panic and mash c, which gets blocked and punished often because i do it too often.
i would like to know what his options are in this cases, especially against valerie and rook, but aswell in general.

thank you

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As a rook player, what I’m most afraid of is large fireball. If close range rook is jumping in on you, large fireball (hold B) or knife hand (nA) are both very good tools. If rook is just walking up to you and threatening throw or boot, then you can jump away with jB which increases the distance of his jump arc, and then go back to zoning with B.


Against Valerie you do the same.

Valerie’s C will go through projectiles, but to go through the large one she needs to be very close, taking quite a risk. Large fireballs will also make it very hard for Valerie to space a jump B correcttly, making her jump A(A) the only jump in alternative, which you can anti air with sA.

Valerie’s fA is still a very good poke though, so you might want to mix up your large fireballs with you normals ones, which unless you only have 1 remaining hp should trade for you and scare her.

Valerie’s last tool to get in is her jump C, which you can punish with throw or even anti air with sA if you space it and time it right.

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A good way to deal with rushdown is to apply some rushdown yourself. So if you are predicting a jump in over a fireball, doing something like neutral jump A, land, then A, f+A to push them out again. If they where overzealous, that neutral jump A hits your opponent, landing you 3 damage.

Your Jump B is also crazy priority, so if you see them jumping, you can many times just jump+B on reaction to it, and hit them out of whatever they where doing. This gives you a knockdown where you can go for an ambigous jump in B into super, or crossup A into A, f+A.