Whatever happened to Yomi Online?

I assume its gone for ever. And yeah, I’m a bit bummed. (can’t play steam at work/school, and I spent money, and blah blah blah)

But I was just kind of curious what prompted the change, since all that work was already put into making it functional online.

I think it’s mostly that most browsers don’t support the Unity plugin anymore.
IIRC, the client is still up somewhere on a changed URL.

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“Yomi online” is still available. It’s playable online on Steam and iOS, cross platform.

The web version is not, because browsers actively tried to kill Unity as used on the web, and succeeded. When they were not actively trying to kill it, supporting the web version was very difficult and a big time sink compared to other platforms. When the platform holders actively disable and sabotage our underlying tech, it’s just impossible. So please enjoy the Steam and iOS versions.

Also, the forums for our tabletop games are here.
The discord chat for them is here.


There is plenty of activity on the other forum, so please join there as well, and play with us on the steam or iOS platform :smiley:

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As I mentioned, steam isn’t as easy access as web browsers…

And sadly, I don’t have an I phone, but next time I upgrade I may get an Iphone just for yomi. I miss it. A lot. Introducing players to it is fun, but I have to play with two arms tied behind my back so I don’t ruin their first experience playing.

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Come join us on the Yomi forums! There’s a couple of tournaments starting up that you might want to join! :slight_smile:


I’ve heard rumors of people playing the steam version over windows remote desktop. Not sure if that would be feasible from a phone or not.

EDIT: I just tried using Chrome Remote Desktop, and it definitely worked. Not sure how well it would work over a cell network, but it certainly seems possible.

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