When is a character vulnerable after KD?

Title says it all really. Try as I might I can’t seem to time my opponent’s getup consistently and from what I’ve seen FS doesnt appear to have quick getup like street fighter. I just think it would be cool to know precisely when I can hit my opponent during or after their getup.

I think that some moves have weird knockdown properties that reduce the knockdown time to almost nothing. Personally I don’t like it very much because with how fast throws are in the game, the opponent often can whiff punish me if I used a string, a double hitting normal or I just cancelled my last hit into a special.

I’m still trying to figure out how that works exactly though, so any info is appreciated.

After hard KD, the timing is always the same. If there’s a particular move you’re trying to train, the best approach is to go into practice, and then just consistently try to hit the timing. At least you’ll be able to prevent yourself from hitting too early (since it’ll just whiff), though you can’t really train to avoid hitting too late, unless you have a friend mash jab or throw for the dummy.

Doesn’t the wakeup action for the dummy allow to select throws?

To train against quick jabs, just pick Setsuki as the dummy and have her do wakeup reversal. She uses her A.


When a character falls down, they might bounce different amounts depending on how high in the air they were when they were hit, and what move they were hit with. But after that, they are on their back for the same number of frames always (and for all character). After that, they do a getup animation this 43 frames long for all characters. So it’s always the same timing. You mainly want to watch the getup animation, meaning the part where the character starts to stand up. They become vulnerable at the end of that, when they are fully standing up and in idle pose.


There should be a visual indicator, like a white outline, as a game toggle at least in practice mode. That would make it easier to tell the invincibility duration without having to ‘just know’ the 43 frame timing. If the point of the game is to be accessible I can’t see a reason not to have it.

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I do think that would be a handy and (theoretically) easy tool to implement for training mode. I don’t think it should really be in online matches though, since that takes away a skill requirement. Yes, FS is all about removing skill barriers, but these are almost exclusively motor barriers, meant to allow people to learn how to play with a competitive fighting game mindset before they need to train their hands to quickly input DP motions and block on multiple levels.

Also, any chance you’re related to the similarly named pro Street Fighter player Rass?

Lol, entirely unrelated, my tag is a shortened version of RazzMaTazz. I am primarily a smash4 player which is which has white flashing on get-up to indicate invincibility. I agree that an indicator shouldn’t always be on, but I feel input timing is a motor barrier. Having to press buttons with exact timing requires good motor skills, on top of just knowing the timing. Allowing people practice their KDs easily while still having to execute a skill properly in a real match would be the best compromise.