Which Shadow Expansion character are you most hype for?

As title, I’m curious to know which characters of the second set you guys are most hype for.

Considering that our community is pretty small I’d say we can each vote for 2 characters: one for 2 points and one for a single 1.

I’m going to keep count of the votes down here and vote Persephone for 2 and Quince for 1 myself.



Captain Zane

M. Persephone



Master Menelker

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Oni and Quince for sure.

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I wanna say Gwen as a Gwen main in Yomi, but mechanically, I am more interested in Onimaru. Not sure whome to give 2 or 1…

I’m just going to put Gewn at 2 and Onimaru at 1 until you tell me otherwise. Always belive in your main.

Besides, Onimaru’s pretty high already.

my 2 points go to vendetta
1point to gloria.

Gwen for 2, Onimaru for 1

Dunno where to rank them, but I’m most interested in Captain Zane, since he seems to be one of the only ones I can easily find info about, and Gloria, because healers.

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2 - Vendetta
1 - Zane

I’m super hyped for Quince ! :smiley_cat:
Perse hypes me too :heart_eyes_cat:

2 for Quince, 1 for Perse !
I hope Zane won’t be as OP as in previous games lol

Persephone and Quince, such good choices.

Anyway, there doesn’t seem to be too much disparity. I kind of expected otherwise.

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Quince and Vendetta

If I thought Vendetta would be more about footsies than walldives, then Vendetta would be my first choice, but for now

Onimaru and Quince ^^

Edit: I foresee that many of the shadow characters are going to focus on left right mixups for damage.

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Quince for sure, but why the others?

Well, I chose Vendetta because in all the card games Vendetta has really great flavor (offensive but in his own “unique” way, relying on pokes, precision strikes, and negating opposing offense, not just generic rushdown) so he fills a niche that hasn’t really been represented yet.

I just want as many unique character types represented as possible really, and the “Vega-esque” pokey character is a basic one that we don’t have

I’d also really look forward to Gloria, for the uniqueness reason.


Zane! Because he is my main.

And he’s crazy! A also really want to see what Maximum Anarchy looks like.

It would be really interesting to see how his spaghetti combos are interpreted in Fantasy Strike. I imagine his strength would be the pressure he can apply with mixups.

EDIT: So I’ll say two votes for Zane, one for Onimaru

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We already know what menelker is like

My vote is on Oni and Menelker

Actually I meant to ask why the other guys thinks that season 2 characters will rely on crossups so much.

EDIT: Also poor BBB, nobody voted him.

Probably because there are fewer grapplers and zoners in the Shadows cast I suppose. And rushdown needs some sort of mix-up.
That being sad, I can see Gwen and Zane using throws, or Gwen just dealing a lot of chip/dealing damage through blocks somehow.
But let’s not turn this is another speculation thread. :smiley:


2 points: Troq
1 point: Gloria

A healer can bring more variety to the game.

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