Who are the Fantasy Strike characters most similar to?

Grave Stormborne - Gouken
Jaina Stormborne - Mina Majikina
Max Gieger - Charlie Nash
Argagarg Garg - Dhalsim
Valerie Rose - Chai Xianghua
Setsuki Hiruki - Ibuki
Garus Rook - Swamp Thing
Master Midori - E. Honda
Lum Bam Foo - Blanka
Jefferson DeGrey - Slayer

Generally they’re kind of hybrids of other characters. For instance, Setsuki fits into the sort of “ninja girl” archetype visually, but actually plays like a combination of Akuma and Cammy. Arg plays like Dhalsim with a version of FANG’s poison that can actually deal damage. Etc. etc. etc.

In a bit more detail re: playstyles…

Grave: Plays a lot like Ryu with elements of what’s-her-name from Blazblue who can make it windy, but also with a sort of “inverse DP” with his sword (invincible startup, but very slow to come out, instead of fast startup with lots of vulnerability if it misses)

Jaina: Basically just every powerful zoner ever, with elements of Ken (very good DP) but also a unique mechanic where her very good DP costs herself HP

Geiger: Plays like a combination of Guile and SF5 Nash (slow-motion teleport, air C)

Midori: Plays like E. Honda with a parry and non-charge moves, but can also turn into a literal dragon with a strong air-to-ground throw and an armored run-in throw reminiscent of, say, Hugo’s EX Here Comes a Very Special Boy

Rook: Plays like a combination of Zangief and Potemkin. As mentioned in the Patreon podcast ages ago, the idea behind Rook was “what if we gave grappler players everything they could ever want?”

Setsuki: “Ninja girl” archetype is reminiscent of Ibuki (and air C swoop is reminiscent too, even though she actually had it before SF5 Ibuki was revealed — clichés are clichés!) from a visual design standpoint and also her ground hold-B command throw, but she really plays a lot more like Akuma/Gouki (air fireball and extremely intense flip into command throw mixup) and Cammy (if her back knuckle thing just teleported, and also more Hooligan Combination shenanigans)

Valerie: Plays a lot like Fei Long but with more mixups on the Rekka series (and C Rainbow moves similarly to Chicken Wing). Air B is reminiscent of MvC3 Zero?

Lum: Blankafaust (normal attacks largely similar to Blanka’s, with Faust’s item throw)

DeGrey: “Slayer with a Stand,” but that’s not a great summary, since it’s less that he’s similar to Slayer as a whole and more that he’s built around one of Slayer’s moves, but turned into the main dish instead of a side. The ghost is kind of like a simplified puppet character, along the lines of (but much less involved than) something from JoJo, Eddie/Zato-1 from Guilty Gear, or something from P4U.

Argagarg: Like if Dhalsim had a bunch of tools to prevent the opponent from getting close (even if they don’t necessarily actually deal damage), and also if he had a version of FANG’s poison that was actually capable of dealing damage.