Who here speaks a language other than English?

Just, you know, asking. For unsuspicious reasons. Certainly nothing to do with, say, asking for help translating Fantasy Strike into whatever language happens to be your native language.

I speak italian and have no problem helping if needed.

I speak crappy German! Don’t use me!

I speak Finnish.

French is my first language. I also used to do Spanish and Italian alright but I’m really out of practice at this point so Im probly not the best choice.

I think Thelo is doing French, actually : 0

I am an italian native speaker and have worked in the past with subtitles, so i have a good background in adaptating slang, idioms etc. Feel free to contact me if needed.

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I’ve done italian already, but I’ve never had previous experience so a double check would be nice.

I’ll send you a link in private.

done and done. (10 chars)

Native German speaker here. As someone who always has to vehemently defend localizations against his “Fuck german, I play everything in english”-friends, I’d be happy to help.

I speak french :slight_smile:
Puzzle Strike and Yomi’s french translations were awful… I expect a better one for Fantasy Strike ! :smiley:

Woah! What? I think you mean “French Canadian” because the translations were done by two native speakers.

Yeah they are from quebec in canada and I’m from france !
The vocabulary is really close, it’s absolutely possible to do a compromise which fits to everyone. They just did the opposite, their translations are actually worst than weirds, they are ununderstandable for native european speakers. It’s a lot of word-to-word and they didn’t pick the usual words from fighting games and card games.
I’d accept some weird flavourful things (“joute”, “draconien”…) that are totally out of context. But there all cards are like that ! No european french player uses their translations. In Puzzle Strike it even confused me on the rules !

I wrote comment on the first 10 character cards there but game’s text is now impossible to modify.

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Well, maybe we can ask @Thelo if he would like a European French translation to go along the Canadian French translation then!

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I’m italian and work professionally as a technical translator of patents (english to italian).
I’d be happy to help if it’s still needed.


Is everyone italian in this community?!

@Legion and I already completed the translation, but an extra pair of eyes won’t hurt. I’ll add you to our private discussion with all the info.


According to this thread: yes

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@GRAG And I know 5 more that aren’t in that thread: AngelofDeath, Seppuku, @WAZAAAAA , Zenphony, and now @dRILLeR.


hey @mysticjuicer need your input for if we should also add a “Canadian English” option that translates things like “YOMI COUNTER” to “THINKUMS” and “CROSSUP” to “LEFTY-RIGHTIES” and “FIGHT” to “HAVE FUN”

please advise


@GRAG If “canadian english” gets added, then I want “napoletano” to be a thing too. So many memes…

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