Why did DeGrey's ghost get a design change?

My brother introduced me to Yomi some years back, and eventually got Puzzle Strike as well. These games really got me interested in the Fantasy Strike universe and the characters within it. DeGrey is among my favorite characters in Fantasy Strike, which has given me time enough to notice that his ghost doesn’t look like she does in other games.

From the left, the first two images are from Yomi, while the third image is used for Yomi (Jokers), Puzzle Strike, and Flash Duel. The final image is a screenshot from the current build of Fantasy Strike.

I can see the changes to her hair being a result of the style of the graphics in Fantasy Strike, but her clothes are also completely different; she has rings down her arms and legs, and rather than cloth spiraling around her legs, she has some sort of skirt. Is there a specific reason she was changed? Something to do with ratings? Technical limitations? Is this a placeholder for use during the Early Access period? An oversight? Or was her design simply changed because the developers didn’t like the old one?

I’m not trying to complain about the decision to change her or anything, I’m just curious as to why it happened.

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There are no plans to change her. We gave reference art to modelers, this is what they made. That’s it. We considered it pretty close, like barely different with minor new twists.

Fair enough. Thanks for the quick reply! Loving the game!


Ghosts can be fashionable too, is the obvious answer here

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