Why isn't there an Xbox Version?

I see that this game is on the PC, Switch, and PS4. Since Xbox and PCs share the base code for programming, it shouldn’t be hard at all to port this on the Xbox platform. Also with this game on GamePass , It will have way more input and feedback than it current has now. As a BONUS, the company will also earn profit from even more sales. It’s a win either way. Give it a try.

I am sure the devs will see this eventually, but they’ve responded to similar things before so I can give you a good guess as to what they will say -

Whilst they’d love to add every platform, they already support more platforms than they have developers (!! remember this is a small indie dev) & it takes a lot of extra time, WAY more than you’d think to support them all. Adding Xbox would not be simple at all, they would have to code in way more cross-play features, Achievements etc etc. It would not be at all the same as the Steam version from a code point of view sadly.

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Sorry I missed this message;

Yeah, we applied for Gamepass, and we were denied/ignored. It’s something we’d like to do, but focusing on the F2P launch has been the top priority. We aren’t currently planning an XBox release, but we might consider it in the future.