Will there be a retry option for Survival?

It’s a really fun addition to the game, but it can be a bit tedious to have to wait for the loss animation, then wait for the number to tick up to how far you got, then go through the mode and character selection every time you lose. It would be nice if we could get the retry, change character, etc options for the end of a Survival game as well.


On the one hand, Survival mode is literally about how long you can go without losing.

On the other hand, a retry option that makes you score clearly “not count” shoulnd’t be a problem, as a casual player quality of life improvement.

Oh, I didn’t mean a retry to cheat the score, I just meant an option after a loss to start from the beginning without needing to go through all the menus and animations again.

That is already in the game now, as you were typing your last message.