Will there be an option to disable voices?

I personally find the voices distracting; I had a much easier time focusing on what was happening before they were added. Since there are separate options for disabling Music, SFX, and Enviornment FX, will there eventually also be one for voices?

Would it be difficult to have such an option also disable mouth movements? I feel like it would look strange to have characters mouths move without them saying anything (although if someone wants to see that for some reason anyways they could just set the voice volume to 0). Not really a relative priority, though.

I really like the voices, but I think reducing the frequency with which the characters use them would help. For example, Geiger announcing “Time spiral!” every time he throws one does get a little grating. If he only announced it around 50 - 75% of the time it would feel more natural, and this is probably the case with other characters as well.

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Rook throw: "It’s no use!"
Rook C throw: “Take this!”

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I’m wasn’t really saying I dislike the voices, but I do agree. I also like that Lum has a lot of different lines he can say per move, and even just two or three different lines (as opposed to the current “same line in a different pitch”) for other characters moves would go a long way.

I love the voices. Sound great and improve the game’s feel so much, more than I even expected they would. It’s also great that Lum (I think others too?) has multiple lines that he says for some of his moves. I love the way that Guilty Gear handles voice acting, where there are multiple voice sets for each character that change every time you play (or between fights, I can’t remember) to keep them feeling “alive” and to prevent things from becoming too repetitive and robotic.

I always loved when I lucked out and got the REALLY COOL Potemkin Buster yell.


I really love voices but yeah having Rook commenting the game and fighting in the same match is weird… Maybe using previous voices when Rook fights would be a nice idea :slight_smile:

Previous voices were really good, I’m a bit sad of having them totally removed from the game. Exact same feeling as with Valerie’s V1 Yomi character card art !

Pictures of Valerie's card

Concept Art (I don’t like it, thought very original) :
V1 version :
V2 version :

Hi ! Some news about this ? :slight_smile: