Wired vs Wireless: does it still matter?

I have been using several set-ups now and I was wondering. I kinda remember that fighting game fanatics tend to use wired controllers. Is this still true? Does the standard Dual Shock 4 controller perform better when connected with a USB-cable then when it is connected through Bluetooth?

Is there any input lag when using a controller with Bluetooth?

this is a pretty good question
I don’t know what the input lag is, but I doubt it’s super amazing yet in pre alpha.
I doubt it’s going to ruin anything, especially cuz this game is a bit slower and the input window of moves is like 8 frames or something, so it’s probably fine. If this game becomes hyper competitive later, then maybe it will matter but not for a long time.

Wired vs wireless doesn’t matter in any game. The only thing that matters is you have a GOOD wireless connection.