Wishlist 🔥

So far I am loving this game. I even have gotten two friends hooked on it.
Hopefully this game gets the attention it deserves so we can get way more content!

  • More Characters
  • More Costumes
  • More Levels
    And after that’s been added I’d even love a story mode like Street Street Fighter V so I can get more into the lore and see more Interaction between characters.
    Praying :pray:t3: for more content

    P.S. If Menelker makes it into the game, make him like Midori where he can transform during the match into his dragon form just you know with his own move set :eyes:

Yeah, the devs have been very up-front about how, if the game is successful and it makes money, that money will go into making new characters and stuff, so tell a thousand of your closest friends to buy the game!


Yeah man, you have no idea how much faith I have on this game. Definitely sharing on my social sites to help give it more attention!

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