Would this game perform better on the Switch if it didn't have the video recording feature?

I have this game both on PC and Switch. I enjoy both versions, but it’s no mystery the Switch version does not perform as smoothly as other rival platforms due to its relatively limited power. I’ve also read that rollback netcode is somewhat taxing on CPU cycles, but i’ll admit this was more heresay than research.

Long time ago, an update for Fortnite on the Switch had removed the console’s recording feature from the game in order to free up some resources in order to improve performance. Not only was it the first time the feature was removed from a game, but more importantly, it was also the first time the recording feature was confirmed to affect performance.

While I do appreciate the ability to record a short match every few blue moons, I am mostly curious if FS performance on the Switch is affected by the console constantly buffering the last 30ish seconds of gameplay. Is it possible that the Switch version could be improved in some way by disabling this feature?