Wrong Characters Shown On Loading Screen When Quick Match Found During Local Play Load

Wrong Characters Shown On Loading Screen When Quick Match Found During Local Play Load

If an online match is found while the game is on the loading screen for a local match (observed in Arcade and Practice modes, not tested with Local Play), the load screen for the online match will show the characters from the local match instead of the characters for the online match. Character and player names will be correct.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Enter the online quick match queue.
  2. Load into a practice or Arcade mode match
  3. While the practice or arcade mode load screen is being displayed, get matchmade with another player online, such that the HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER banner is displayed over the loading screen.
  4. The new loading screen will show the player and character names correctly, but still show the character models for the characters in the practice/arcade match.

Expected Results:

The loading screen for the online match shows the player name, character name, and character models corresponding to the two players.

Actual Results:

The loading screen displays the correct player name and character name, but the character models from the match that was previously loading.

Notes: This bug seems pretty consistent, although I can’t promise that it’s 100% of the time. I had it happen 3-4 times in a half-hour play session. Most likely to happen when returning to practice/arcade mode from another quick match, when matchmaking goes really fast.


Here’s a screenshot of it in action:

Game Version:
v. 0.13159

System Information:

Windows 10 v. 1709
OS Build 16299.309

Intel core i7-4920K CPU
16.0 GB of ram

I encountered a similar issue.

While loading a practice match, I got matched with an online opponent. The “challenger” banner did not appear. In the loading screen, the characters changed FROM the ones I had selected for practice, TO the ones I and my opponent chose for online matches.
After the game loaded, I got disconnected / desynced.
It happened to me 2 or 3 times in a play session.

Yeah, this has happened to me a fair bit over the past year. I wonder if the game should just pause online matching during those screens, just in case