Wrong face animation after getting hit by "cinematic"

Wrong face animation after getting hit by "cinematic"

Summary: Some characters will display a pained face animation when walking. This seems to occur after getting hit by certain cinematic moves such as throws or supers. The walking face animation is corrected after blocking or getting hit.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Pick Rook and Rook.
  2. Throw Rook 1 with Rook 2.
  3. Walk around with Rook 1.

Expected Results: Rook 1 displays normal facial expression.**

Actual Results: Rook 1 displays pained facial expression

Notes: I got pained faces on the following characters:

  • DeGrey
  • Geiger
  • Rook
  • Setsuki
  • Valerie
    Might be more since I’m not 100% which moves result in a pained face state. Below is an explanatory image of how the result looks.


Game Version: v1.16899

System Information: Windows 10


Thanks for the report, we’ll fix this in the next update.

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