Wrong names on loading screen when spectating friend's ranked match

Wrong names on loading screen when spectating friend’s ranked match

I just had a ranked matched with Zejety.
Then I saw FairFriend in ranked matched and started to spectate him.
FairFriend was in ranked match with Topher216, but when there was loading screen,
the names of the players were “darkness vs Zejety”.

Steps to reproduce:

Expected Results:
When spectating a friend match, the loading screen should show the names of the players playing the match (i.e. one should be your friend, the other should be your friend’s opponent name).

Actual Results:
Loading screen shows my name.

Spectator log file could be provided via discord direct message upon request.


Game Version:

System Information:
windows 10

Nevermind, Seprember 2019 update notes just arrived.

“–Now we actually show the correct player names on the character roulette screen when spectating a friend match involving a team battle.”


Thanks :wink: