Yomi comparison GIFs

I’ve started making Tumblr posts that show FS moves next to the Yomi art they were inspired by.

Trying to make at least 1 character per day.


Good thread.

It’s a shame that Jaina’s attack in Yomi didn’t translate in her sA in Fantasy Strike. I think it would have been better looking, and maybe in even viable to bait a B.

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Yeah, after Grave, I expected a similar amount of direct ports for Jaina. It makes sense because Yomi Jaina wasn’t inspired by Sagat so she obviously has no Knee art.

Her bA actually slightly resembles her K art. But I suppose adding fire to her foot would make people wonder why it doesn’t deal chip.

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This is really cool. I wouldn’t have thought the characters would map from the card game to the video game in such a direct way. Particularly for things like animations, which have significant gameplay impact.

I agree. It’s really cool. It’s a shame not all of them could have made it in - Jaina’s using her bow for normals and blocks is something I really liked - but the ones that made it are all cool!

I’ve added Setsuki and Rook gifs to the OP by the way!
I’m still confused why Rook’s special throw is called Checkmate Buster and his super Ultimate Checkmate Buster, when their animations are obvious references to Windmill Crusher and Checkmate Buster respectively. I also feel like “Checkmater Buster” sounds super enough on its own. :stuck_out_tongue:
I heard they were originally called just that. I wonder why it was changed? For the sake of Potemkin references?

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All current chars are done. :slight_smile:

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