Zane move set brainstorming

Here’s the place for Zane move set brainstorming

Zane is based on Bison with all offense, poor defense.

He’s also gotta have at least one fat meaty

Zane’s normals might he slow but are always plus on block.
Maybe his forward A is shoulder ram
B: anarch crusher, probably minus on block, flies forward.
C. Maybe a slow heavy drop kick that does 2 damage if it lands, that way it can be a good meaty to use on knock down.
Air B: people were saying how maybe old DeGrey sir B should go to Zane. Obnoxious cross up, air to air, etc. Might match him more than DeGrey.
Air C: maybe his weird Dragonish flight?

Super: so super is either crash bomb or maximum anarchy. Maybe max anarchy is air super. The crash bomb was designed to be a bad reversal, but he may or may not need that in FSFG with how fast the super meter charges up, assuming max anarchy is invincible and fast.
Air super: Max anarchy if it’s not ground super

I’m thinking he should definitely fight dirty. I’m thinking f.A is basically Dictator’s slide but looks like Sean’s tackle from SF3, to give him a crazy meaty to work with. Maybe give him shoulder ram on B?

On counter hit it should cause wall bounce into drop kick for 3 damage combo that knocks down

I was the one who said he should inherit DeGrey’s old air B, and I still believe that. It’s a fun move, and it feels Zane-ish.


I agree! I think that what makes DeGrey feel like bullshit and unremarkable in flavor and style can go very well with Zane.


Maybe a liiiiitle bit of tweeking, but with slow, safe on block ground normals, but a fast anarch crusher and oppressing air game he could be super fun to play as or against

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Yeah, Zane seems absolutely appropriate to give DeGrey’s total bullshit air B to!

I do feel like he should have something that’s at least a little silly that breaks conventions, like having 5½ HP or something like that.

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Crash Bomb: Zane throws out a bomb object with physics like Lum’s Dice. It has to kept being hit into the air or else it explodes.

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2 chip kills the half health

My suggestion was that his health bar sections would be different lengths. So he always has 6 (or whatever) HP, but some times he has one HUGE hit point and five tiny ones, or whatever.


How would that work though? If one is huge, can he not be hurt with a 1 damage move?

I like the idea that “bigger” HPs take more chip to remove. So you randomize the sizes of his various hit points from 1-5 chip or something.

Leaving aside possible chip damage ideas, Rook and Midori already have smaller hit points than the rest of the cast, and Setsuki and Valerie have slightly larger hit points. As far as the game is concerned the size of a hit point doesn’t matter, so giving Zane randomly sized hit points would just be a graphical quirk that wouldn’t affect gameplay. As much as I like it though, I would expect a lot of new players to think it’s a bug…

Yeah, maybe it could be just a visual thing. Would sure look funny!

Ok, how about this: When a random HP from your bar is lost… A Crash Bomb explodes, as a burst! So yes, Zane would be the only character with a burst, but it happens at essentially a random time. (I guess it can’t be the last HP. So as you lose health and it hasn’t happened yet, the opponent knows it’s more and more likely each hit.)

Sorry, I didn’t explain clearly. I’m saying he would always have the same number of HP, but the size of the increments would be randomized. So purely visual.

Lol that’s so inane
But it’s Zane, so not insane

Well, it’s worth noting that the sizes of the increments do actually matter in-game — timeout winners are calculated on basis of remaining percentage of HP, rather than absolute number, so a Setsuki with 3 HP (60%) will win out over a Rook with 4 HP (50%) when the timer runs out.


Yeah, it just works like any other fighting game with different HP values for different characters behind the scenes. It’s based on percentage.

But… That’s still based on the numbers, not the sizes. The sizes of the hit points are purely visual, and Setsuki with 3 HP beats Rook with 4 HP because 3/5 is larger than 4/8. If it was Zane in that situation, let’s assume he randomly had his last 3 HP display as “bigger” than his first 3 for that round. If he has a max of 6 HP, he would still tie with Rook because 3/6 is the same as 4/8.

(Obviously I’m making assumptions here, but that’s how the game seems to handle it).

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Oh? Did that change recently? I think it was absolute value last FSX.