Alternate skin/costume ideas!

We had this thread on the old forums, so let’s start another one here!

Post your ideas for character colors, costumes, skins, themes, etc.!

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So I had the pleasure of speaking to Woolie Madden of Super Best Friends Play at EVO2016 this year. His crew were the guys who made this awesome video of Yomi on their YouTube channel and our Steam participation skyrocketed that week as a result.

Woolie is a big fan of Yomi and particularly Geiger, but what you may NOT know is the story of Woolie Madden and “Zubaz”.

“The Baz” has appeared in numerous games now, including Divekick, Shovel Knight, Indivisible, and Skullgirls, so what if The Baz appeared in Fantasy Strike as a premium costume for Geiger? Both as an homage to Woolie and well, because they both have blonde hair and a goatee :slight_smile:


I still wanna see what I guess you could call the “at work” series:
• Blacksmith Midori (headcanon, admittedly, but that seems like the perfect job for him as a productive member of society)
• Messy Smock Valerie (maybe a couple of bits of paint or clay in her hair too)
• Workbench Geiger (pocketed apron, head-mounted magnifying lens)
• Diplomat Rook (wearing a suit to pass within human society instead of just going full Dr. Manhattan)


oh also

• Jailbird DeGrey
• DeGrey ghost with alive ghost lady
• Robin Hood Jaina (or maybe Definitely Not Link Jaina?)
• Andy Warhol Valerie
• Tuxedo Lum (prefers baccarat, natch)
• Moss-covered Rook (because that was the one that everyone was all excited about the idea of on the old board)
• Properly Camouflaged Setsuki (either solid colors in earth tones, black for night, or white for snow, or in the dressed-as-a-civilian ninja-as-spy sense)


Valerie on Snow mountain.
Her foot looks too cold !! ((((;゚Д゚)))))))

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One semi-serious idea that came up in the Discord chat was “witch Valerie,” replacing her brush with a magic wand (except for her C, where it is replaced with a broom) and making her hitspark effects bats and stars and stuff instead of paint droplets


Oh whoops! Never posted these here.

Here’s some Valerie skin ideas:

"Messy smock Valerie" for GRAG:

Should have a pallet hanging off of her belt. Glasses and pigtails are SOLID. I must have the beret though, fucking dealbreaker if there are no Valerie skins with a beret!

Could also do overalls instead, like…

I can MAYBE settle for a headrag, like my gurl Relm:

80’s Party Girl:


Basically the super flamboyant blowout hair, maybe some thick frame sunglasses, off the shoulder dress with pearl necklaces and way too many wristbands, emphasis on neons rather than pastels.


Lum Bam Pooh

Leprachuan Geiger

Grave wearing a kilt

Disguised Monkey Degrey

Cyborg Geiger

KFC Geiger

Bob Ross Valerie

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[quote=“Bob199, post:8, topic:93”]
Disguised Monkey Degrey
[/quote]how high do I have to raise my Patreon tier to get this


high enough to not notice wait is that a monkey


I’d love some of these :

  • Full Plate Armor Jaina
  • Orchestra Conductor Valerie
  • Jacques Verges - like DeGrey (waiscoat, cigar, grey hair) photo here
  • Link-like Grave (as he is about wind and swords in The Legend of Zelda - Wind Waker)
  • King Bradley’s like Quince (as in Fullmetal Alchemist) image here
  • Mechanical Onimaru
  • Young Menelker

And I agree with Bob, we absolutely need monket DeGrey ! :open_mouth:

Messy Valerie and Ghost DeGrey with Human Ghost-Lady need to happen. Speaking of which, who’s DeGrey’s ghost? Does she have a name?

Back on topic, the only idea I have is Leather Persephone, but it’s kind of predictable. I’m not a very creative fellow.

What I really would like to see though are fighting game references. Something like Sonic Fox’s hat on someone, but possibly better.

EDIT: Yakuza Lum does sound pretty nice to me.

I’d love to see Valarie get a costume based on a French mime artist, complete with beret and make up, and it could make her paint effects black and white too
For reference:

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would love for Jaina to have a costume inspired by traddinal japanesse archery trianing robes, like the ones seen here but in black/white and red, or like the one she has as a kid in arcade mode



All french people do hate the mime Marceau ahah
But on Valerie why not ?

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Are alt costumes still coming before launch? i only ask as the costume button has been sitting sitting there inactive for years. i do understand it’s a small feature though and probably not a big priority.

My ideas

For Grave: Wind Mage or Wing Suit costume
Geiger: Clockwork Golem or Welder
Setsuki: Grave style outfit (she does become his student after all)
Argagarg: Otter version
Jaina: Dragon scales (perhaps just going up her arms, could be more)
Midori: European style (Scholar clothes w/European style dragon form) or Djinn form
Rook: Crystal/Diamond

I am all about Setsuki dressed like Grave! Give her big floppy pants! Euro-Midori sounds like a cool idea too! And “furry Arg” sounds as good as “mossy Rook”

I know this can’t happen for legal reasons, but Phoenix Wright Degrey

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Wow I’d completely forgotten about Witch Valerie but now that idea is my everything