Hitbox inconsistency with point blank projectiles

Grave B can whiff when the opponent is very close to the opponent (e.g. walking towards Grave point blank)

^ works on the entire cornered cast except for Grave and Midori. Works mid screen for Rook and Dragon Midori.

Since I have no access to FS hitboxes, I can only guess that it’s caused by the fact that projectiles don’t use the “long hitbox on the first few active frames” trick which exists in SF3/SF4/SF5 to make them more consistent, but I may be wrong:


Confirmed. I noticed while testing against Rook that it whiffs most of the time but inexplicably hits every 5–20 attempts.

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GIF situation with Dragon has been fixed with one of the many hitbox changes (tested now on v0.15780 http://www.fantasystrike.com/blog/2018/game-update-november-2018)

probably not fixed completely though since Grave's Lightning Cloud can still go through Jaina in the corner exists