Little quality-of-life improvement ideas

This thread is meant for relatively small ideas that aren’t tooooo terribly involved, in theory, but that would hopefully make the game a bit nicer to play. Feel free to add your own!

• Add screen shake toggle as an accessibility setting (some players have noted that the amount of screen shake from Onimaru makes them feel kind of unwell)

• Some sort of way to set a second choice for same-color mirror matches in queue (or maybe a system that always shows the local player in their own preferred color, and the other player in an alternate color)

• Some sort of way to set a max ping limit for online matching

• Allow training mode frame data and/or input log to be shown during replays

• Some way to share specific replays with friends

• Maybe a visible cooldown gauge for DeGrey ghost, akin to Grave or Geiger’s special gauges?

• It would be neat to have a way to spin characters around on the shop costume view screen, where it’s just the one character really big


Nice idea!
Avoiding same colour is a great idea.
Oh yeah I noticed that in the shop too, I thought I was being stupid not knowing how to look around the model.

Could just be me who would be interested in these but here goes:
Ability to set which buttons accept / go back in the menus - I’m always mashing back accidentally, just feels like the button I’d expect to be accept.
Ability to set long matches during local play, for practice sessions just to save watching the end sequence,character select load, and stage reload, or even a match restart option as soon as it finishes (if you could pause during the postmatch cutscene) would be great. - waiting those 10-20 seconds to get back to the same matchup having just lost can get pretty salty!

So they’re the trivial one’s I can think of. I know there are other threads on practice mode functionality which would be the number 1 big thing but for the purpose of this thread, assuming full macro functionality is way off then just little things added could still be such a QOL improvement.
E.g. Expanding the “random” option for on wakeup/block (also on hit if possible) to include any of loads of possibilities whichever are easy to add e.g. specify move to use for reversal, basic movement (jump back), delay for ‘x’ frames and then do one of the random options. - being able to focus practice on reacting to more scenarios would be so valuable, bridging the gap between practice and matches.
Oh and I’d love to be able to practice against fireball spam just getting a feel for the hitboxes, testing where the limits are jumping over in various ways, spinning through etc…

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Add Random setting for counterhits in training mode.
That way, you can practice reacting to counterhits.
This would be especially useful for DeGrey players.


You can! On the controls screen, you can switch from “Combat Moves” to “Other Controls”.

I’d like to see the artwork for the tutorial button changed! I know it makes zero difference to game play and I’m probably the only one who cares, but the art style for that mortarboard just seems to clash with the mix of 3D and hand-drawn art used everywhere else.

I feel like it might be a good idea to temporarily pause online matching during certain screens, like the matchup load screen, since getting matched during that can lead to weird visual bugs and surprise online play.

Whenever I open the store, I’m always thrown off by the cursor starting in the tab bar — maybe the default cursor position should be the leftmost featured item?

  • Setting handicaps in local play and/or friend matches. Ability to reduce one’s health by half, for example, would make it much easier to enjoy playing against opponents of differing skill level.
  • Option to instantly refill all meters in practice mode. Currently it’s impossible to have DeGrey’s ghost recharge instantly, among other things.
  • Upgrades for Lum’s food items in Boss Rush. In later stages +1 health just doesn’t cut it.
  • Have Lum get his food item if both he and his opponent are in the position to obtain it. Mostly to reduce the “feels-bad” factor on these items.
  • Ability to enter the pause menu even during round transitions in online play. As of now it’s very hard to quickly change one setting, e.g. disable music, without getting hit by the opponent first before you get to return to gameplay.
  • Custom ping limits. Most PC players don’t have their games become unplayable as soon as there is more than 160 ping, the current limit for ranked mode. I don’t mind playing at 180 or even 200 ping, for example.
  • Setting practice mode’s dummy to be controlled by AI, same way as in single-player bot matches.
  • Toggleable button display in offline bot matches, like the one in the tutorial.
  • Per-character Yomi Counter, Counter-hit etc. modifiers in practice mode.
  • Option to automatically skip Arcade Mode cutscenes. Since these are the only instances of e.g. blood, this would make the game a bit more preteen-friendly.
  • Pause menu option to forfeit individual games in Team Battle, so that a player may instantly move onto the next match-up.
  • Ability to go straight to a specific section in tutorial. Especially useful for someone who just needs a reminder how to escape special throws, as an example.

The ability to rejoin the queue from a 1P mode pause menu, instead of just from the main menu, would be great, especially for resuming boss rush runs after putting a console in sleep mode or something

  • Show hitboxes in training. This feature is really important but missing!?
  • Custom health (handicaps).
  • Advanced tips page to go with the spotlight videos. This would explain things like what moves can be canceled into specials on hit/block, what’s immune to grabs, etc. I only just learned you can throw backwards after 12 hours of combat… Not everything is obvious.
  • Separate audio options for voices and sound FX. I’ve changed my mind on this as it’s a form of feedback but it’d still be an interesting option.

This isn’t really quality-of-life, but I feel like it would look good if mini-Lums used Lum’s jump animation (the flip) when thrown, but maybe starting rotated 90° forward, so they end up in that “crawl” position

also mini-Lum and mini-Rook need little wind-up keys on their backs, obviously

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:sweat_smile: nice one! Explains why they are reversed for me switch vs pc

Well that’s just due to the conventions of each system; Nintendo (and indeed Sony products in Japan) have confirm on the right and cancel on the bottom.
American products have it flipped.

  • Also some way to see Dragon version of a Midori costume/colour

  • Online training mode with a friend

  • Record dummy options/slots like in SFV in Training mode

  • And/Or jitter limit / display jitter.
  • Remember last skin used for a character
  • Have some sort of visual representation of Geiger’s gear charge on/around his character (floating gear behind him?) instead of it just being tucked away in the HUD
  • Skin previews in the shop for Midori should show dragon form too
  • More personal stats like win/loss broken down by character (maybe more of a feature than QoL)
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I just remembered, I had this issue with the Steam version. My hacky workaround was to hold two buttons on the title screen to map my buttons, but swap the two buttons used for OK/back there (so, in my case, I was using a PlayStation controller, and I pressed ○ when it asked for × and vice versa).

Did you miss the conversation about this above? You can literally change them in the control screen

Oh, did they finally implement that? For the longest time, controllers were hardcoded to have the OK/cancel buttons set to certain buttons, and you couldn’t change that in the settings. Sorry!

That’s great, I also just remembered that I had previously seen the setting to change the buttons but for some reason I couldn’t actually change the setting for the accept/go back (and is still the case for me, changing other buttons settings is fine) so this is actually really useful for me.

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It would be pretty useful if there were a popup after the tutorial ends, or maybe the second or third time you start the game, to explicitly tell you to check out the Watch menu for character tutorial videos