Need some match up help

I just picked up this game for the switch and it is a lot of fun. I started with Setsuki and while she is fun I slowly started to gravitate towards Lum and DeGrey. With Satsuki I don’t feel like I have a hard time against any of the characters. Please don’t misunderstand. I’m not saying I never lose. I’m just saying when I do lose with her I never feel like it was a cheap loss. I always feel the loss was fair and square.

With DeGrey, my matches with most characters are usually fine. Again, I don’t win most of my matches but when I lose it never feels cheap unless I am fighting Jaina. A lot of times my opponent will jump and fire the bow then land and fire it again pretty much filling the screen with projectiles. Is there a strategy you guys use to beat her consistently with DeGrey if she is trying to zone you? I also need help with the DeGrey and Satsuki match up. Satsuki is not nearly as bad as Jaina but I don’t really have a game plan when I play against her. Sometimes she just overwhelms me with speed.

My next question is the Lum and Satsuki match up. Again, like when I use DeGrey I get overwhelmed by her speed. Is there any way to counteract her with Lum to just slow her down even a little?

Any tips will help and is greatly appreciated. I hope I am posting this in the right place. If not please direct me to where I should be asking this. Thanks!

Edit: I also need help on the Geiger match up for both of them. I’m always gettin trapped with the gear throw and flash kick strategy.


Welcome to the forums @Denthegod! Some match-ups can certainly seem lopsided at first, but I’m sure things will even out as you get more familiar with the characters (they have for me).

@Sente has been posting some great in-depth thoughts about the different characters. Below are links to the topics on DGrey and Lum - hopefully they’ll be of some help to you for some of the trickier match-ups.



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I am not very good, so I may not be well equiped to give advice, but I consider DeGrey my best character exactly because I feel like I dont have bad matchup with him.

Few tips against Jaina:

  • general tip against zoner is that you can “simply” walk in using ghost to tank projectiles. Ghost is also lvl2 so it can tank jC and gB at once.
  • try to save air supper to crush her jB and jC to make her afraid to jump attack you.
  • you can counter her jB and jC with well timed/spaced gBB and gBC
  • once you are in try to use pressure to bait her gC and burn her own health.
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Thank you guys for replying. Looks like there is a lot I still need to learn in the game.

@Lurtz these few tips you gave me helped a lot. I’m not winning against Jaina all the time but I am figuring out how to better approach her with your advice. It’s just a matter of me figuring out the properties of all my tools and when to use said tools. I gotta tell you she’s beaten so much I get scared every time the other guy picks her. Thanks to your post I am more confident now and I approach the match as a challenge rather than something scary I have to get through. Ok so that was a little dramatic but I hope you understand what I mean.

After playing Lum and DeGrey a lot more I do feel like I have a little more connection with Lum’s playstyle than DeGrey’s but they are both really fun characters. I do plan on switching around a lot and go through all of the characters as that is how I approach fighting games but I think the next guy I’m gonna put some time into is Argagarg. I have a weird habit of using the oddball characters first.

Thank you guys again for all your help. I’m sure I’ll be back with more questions as I learn the game more.