Super meter bar disappears during the first match of the ranked set

As mentioned in the title.
Meters on the bottom disappear first match in the ranked set, but appear all the matches after.
Seems to only happen in the ranked matches, not casual and such.

I have a non-standard 4:3 1600x1200 resolution, so maybe that might be part of the reason.
Running W10.

Started happening recently. Maybe after last patch, not completely certain.

In the link there’s a screenshot of the first match and then the one after:

I’ve actually had the same bug as Wolvi, where the super meter (and gear meter) disappear.
It has happened in past patches but it became much more prevalent since this last patch.
Here’s my forum post on it: Super meter (and gear meter) change size/disappear .
FYI: I also have FS on an unusual screen size.
Specifically, I play FS on half the screen.

Version: Steam Version.