Steam friends! As in: Let's Be!

Hey everyone! It occurred to me that maybe it might be good to have a thread where we can share info for people who want to friend other regulars here, on Steam, for FS online play purposes!

North America:
Pengwndude (US) —
FrozenStorm (Minnesota) —
Leontes (California) —
Octorockandroll/Yggdrasil34 (Canada) —
Mysticjuicer (Toronto) —
UTRALAW (Toronto) —
vengefulpickle (Boston) —
jimtheeternal (California) —
cstick (Maryland) —
Hobusu (eastern US) —
Omniraptor (California) —
RobotWizard (Pennsylvania) —

South America:
Mr. Treepwood —

SaSSolino (Italy) —
Legion (Italy) —
Drugo (Italy) —
Parpol (Italy) —
Castanietzsche (France) —
Neigutten (Norway) —

GRAG (Japan) —
Garcia1000 (Hong Kong) —
Bob199 (Taiwan) —

Three Headed Monkey (Australia) —
Bomber678/guest_yfoucxeo (Australia) —


I’m [Mar] Pengwndude on steam!

I’m, feel free to add me!

When I’ll be on is usually between 8:30-11pm US Central (UTC -5 or -6 depending on daylight savings, ugh)

Game to voice chat on discord during matches also, FrozenStorm#0677

EU, Italy. Jaina main, until Arg comes out at least.

Legion, here, from Italy

Also from Italy is Drugo, a friend of mine that isn’t on this forum. He’s having friend matches issues though, so he’s waiting for the next update.

Also, also from Italy is Parpol. Also… also a friend of mine that is going to buy the game as soon as he gets the cash.

EDIT: @pengwndude I can’t connect to your profile for some reason, do you mind adding me yourself?

Hi all!

I’m in Australia so may not have the best ping against many of you but I’ve found the netcode holds up pretty well.

A new challenger has appeared

Let’s see how well a connection from Taiwan holds up

Sure, why not.

i cannot find ur steam following the link

That’s odd. I seem to be able to get in just fine. Anyway, here’s another link that will hopefully work better.

it redirected me to my own profile page, the second one owrks just fine

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I’m mysticjuicer on Steam. From Toronto.

It’s me, guest_yfoucxeo

Damn! 22 hours already!

Gotta git gud somehow.

2 Likes, although I’m only on intermittently.

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Where are you located? For categorization purposes, I mean.

UTRALAW on steam and most other places really :stuck_out_tongue:

From Toronto Canada

Prefer play time vary!

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I’m using you as collectibles at this point.