Suggestions and Feedback

Will there be a retry option for Survival? (4)
Will there be an option to disable voices? (7)
Why is Midori the final Arcade boss, not Rook (2)
Put the Charecter Spotlight vids in the game (1)
Why was Valerie retconned from bisexual to gay? (3)
I feel like bounces could have a better pre-bounce indicator (1)
A "stand still" button to guard without going backward (12)
Is Lum's randomizer a good idea? (18)
Suggestion: make the PC version available outside Steam (13)
Team Battle in Quick Match (2)
Double KO Announcement (2)
Changing the number of wins in Team Battle (1)
Lum item brainstorming (10)
Feature request: "Cancel online search" button on the post-match xp-gain screen (5)
Confusion when setting up the gamepad (3)
I haven't played for months, now (2)
Counter-Point Step Attack Distances (2)
Remove the A+B=super (4)
Will there be online lobbies? (6)
Arcade Layout (1)
Rook - Ground Super Flash Timing Adjustment (16)
Setsuki C command grab to catch jumpers (3)
Extra Dummy Settings (3)
Selection frame (2)
"Punish!" indicator? (9)
Particle Effects for Counter Hits (2)
My Critique (14)
Require an extra frame or two of no input to qualify for Yomi Counter (6)
Suggestion: "Walking Forward" Resets Geiger's Gear Meter (4)
Allow Midori to Transform back to human while KD (1)